IWF 2024 Education Conference

If you are interested in participating in the IWF 2024 education conference, please submit a proposal of the topic or topics you would like to present by no later than Friday, October 27, 2023, by clicking the "Continue to Application" button below.

Please note that topics should relate to your area of expertise and must be non-commercial in their presentation unless the session is presented under paid-sponsorship provisions*.  Please consider topics that will be relevant in 2024 with the potential for future growth that will address our attendees’ needs after the 2024 show and Education Conference. 

*Information on paid sponsorships, can be requested by contacting Jessica Stilts at jk@iwfatlanta.com.

Returning for IWF 2024 – Exhibitor EDU*

Due to the highly successful 2022 launch, IWF will once again host a series of sessions presented by contracted exhibitors of IWF 2024 within our Exhibitor EDU track.  This in-demand program allows our exhibitors to present an education-based session on the benefits and uses of their products/services in a classroom setting off the show floor. 

If you are a contracted exhibitor of IWF 2024 and would like more information on presenting during the IWF 2024 education conference and the required paid-sponsorship provision*, please contact Jessica Stilts at jk@iwfatlanta.com or call 404-693-8333. 

Please include the following information in your proposal:

Topic Title – Descriptive yet succinct.

Description – A brief synopsis of the content, at least one paragraph including the main talking points and takeaways.

Length of Session – Sessions need to be from 1 – 2.5 hours in length to be considered. If you are interested in participating in one of our All Day Symposiums the day before the show opens please contact Jessica Stilts at jk@iwfatlanta.com or call 404-693-8333.

Target Audience - Please indicate the target audience by business sector and job title. For example, indicate one of the following sectors: Business Management, Manufacturing & Design, Marketing & Business Development, Workforce Maintenance & Organizational Culture, or New Business Sectors. For job title, some examples are CEO, Owner, Sales Personal, Production, etc.

Please submit your proposals by no later than Friday, October 27, 2023, by clicking the "Continue to Application" button below. We will review all submissions by mid-November 2023 and you will be contacted in regards to your submission by the beginning of December.

Please note that all speakers, moderators, and partners for the sessions that are selected to participate will be required to sign a photography and videography waiver to participate in the IWF 2024 conference program.

 By completing this application your information is being added to the IWF Speaker Bureau which allows us to keep and maintain our speakers' information on a single platform.  You will receive information about the IWF Education Conference by being added to this group.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Jessica Stilts at jk@iwfatlanta.com or call  404-693-8333.